Hispanics are now the largest minority in North America.  Experts predict that the Hispanic population growth will continue at an accelerated pace. They expect that by the year 2050 almost 1 in 3 Americans, or 132.8 million people, will be Hispanic. This shift in the American population provides us with a critical ministry opportunity, right in our own Country.

MNA Hispanic American Ministries is committed to assisting presbyteries, church planting networks and local churches in their efforts to plant Hispanic churches by:

  1. vision casting
  2. consulting
  3. resourcing

Our hope is to see the Hispanic Harvest in North America reached through our intentional church planting efforts.

And don’t think only of those who speak Spanish but little English.  English speaking Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing Hispanic group.  Historically, the English speaking group has not been a priority for denominations planting churches among Hispanics, resulting in a loss of the second generation from Spanish language churches.  While the PCA has concentrated on the Spanish language population, those who have proficiency in English and appreciation for some aspects of American culture are actually more accessible to current PCA church planting and other forms of outreach.