“Think of it this way: Every 30 seconds, two non-Hispanics reach retirement age and one Latino turns 18. Like the baby boomers before us, the Latino baby boom will affect every aspect of American life over the next 50 years.”
— Chiqui Cartagena, Hispanics are creating a new baby boom in the United States

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Hispanics are now the largest minority in the United States of America. If this trend continues, one in three Americans will be Hispanic by the year 2050.

Our passion is to help churches and Presbyteries in their efforts to plant biblically healthy Hispanic churches. Is God calling you to plant one? We can assist you through consulting, training, and resourcing. Our hope is to see the gospel spreading powerfully to Hispanics in the US through our intentional church planting efforts.

Great news! You do not need to know Spanish to plant a healthy and reproducing Hispanic church. The USA now has second-generation Hispanics who speak English, yet their cultural norms remain. This group, with its distinct needs, is being lost to the gospel. The Presbyterian Church in America can make great strides among Hispanics by planting churches that address that cultural reality.

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