One size fits all’ approaches to Hispanic ministry must be abandoned in favor of approaches that take seriously the socioeconomic and cultural differences that exist among Latinos in the United States
— Daniel Rodriguez, A Future for the Latino Church
  Hernando Saenz    MNA Hispanic American Ministries Coordinato

Hernando Saenz
MNA Hispanic American Ministries Coordinator

My name is Hernando Sáenz-Oggioni, the Hispanic American Ministries Coordinator for MNA. Our vision is to create a movement of PCA churches and presbyteries reaching all generations of Hispanics in the United States. In fulfillment of this vision, our hope is to see three things: 1) A steadily growing number of PCA churches engaged in greater ministry development among the Hispanic peoples in their community; 2) A growing number of new leaders trained, equipped and empowered to serve the burgeoning Hispanic population in the United States; 3) Adequate resources and networking for the growing number of leaders, ministries and churches ministering among Hispanics in the PCA.


Our Core Values

Dependence – The church is the bride of Christ. He loves the church more than we can imagine and therefore He will provide, preserve, protect and build his church. We express our dependence on Christ through faith and prayer.

Servant leadership - The Lord Jesus did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, by taking the form of a servant. The joy of the immense sacrifice our Savior on our behalf makes us ready, and willing, to serve others with all our resources.

Freedom – Jesus Christ lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died. The gospel humbles us because we are aware that that we are more sinful and flawed than we had ever dared imagine, yet it deeply affirms us because we are aware that we are more loved and accepted than we had ever dared hope. The effect of the gospel in our lives and ministry is that we are free to laugh and cry, free to live lives of integrity and courage, free to take risks, free to fail, and free to be creative because we have nothing to prove.

Cooperation - Hispanic ministry in the United States is very complex. There is not one correct ministry model or approach because each context is vastly different. We are conscious of our need for the gifts and talents of others in the body of Christ and intentionally seek to work those who share our faith commitments

Our Partners

The regular financial contributions of many individuals and these churches make it possible for us to  accomplish our mission.

New Jersey

  • Covenant Presbyterian Church, NJ


  • Fairview Presbyterian Church, PA


  • Covenant Presbyterian Church, TN
  • Independent Presbyterian Church, TN


  • Christ the King Presbyterian Church, TX
  • Hill Country Presbyterian Church, TX
  • Fort Worth Presbyterian Church, TX
  • Iglesia Gracia, TX
  • Park Cities Presbyterian Church, TX
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church, TX


  • New City Fellowship, VA
  • Sycamore Presbyterian Church, VA
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church, VA


  • Christ Covenant Church, FL
  • Christ Church Mandarin, FL
  • Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, FL
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church, FL
  • Lake Osborne Presbyterian Church, FL
  • University Presbyterian Church, FL


  • Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Chestnut Mountain Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Christ Church Presbyterian, GA
  • Christos Community Church, GA
  • Grace Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Ingleside Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Lake Oconee Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Old Peachtree Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Perimeter Church, GA
  • Perry Presbyterian Church, GA
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church, GA


  • Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church, MD

North Carolina

  • First Presbyterian Church Stanley, NC
  • Grace Community Church, NC