Fall 2018 News

by Hernando Sáenz

The Spanish word alcance means “reach.” This summer we expanded our ministry alcance (reach) through technology and by adding new team members. We launched new English and Spanish websites after months of hard work. Our target audience is godly Hispanic men with leadership potential who are unfamiliar with the PCA.

 The immediate impact of the website project is the addition of gifted members to our team. Dr. Roger and Dianne Smalling are our new online ambassadors. They will engage in virtual discipleship relationships with potential leaders through the websites.

 Pastor Pablo Torres is our translator. His expertise will allow us to offer much needed resources in Spanish. Pastor Jorge Trujillo is our blogger. His thought-provoking posts will apply grace and truth to engage those unfamiliar with the Reformed faith.

 I am ecstatic at the splendid response we’ve had to the websites in the short time they have been live. Dr. Smalling is working with a Colombian man who lacks teaching in fundamental Christian living. A visitor to the English site requested our resources about a possible call of God to be a pastor. A visitor to the Spanish site asked for information on how to plant a church. Wow! I have faith the Lord will continue to increase our alcance (reach) for His honor and glory.

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