Meet Dr. Smalling

I have a passion is for a reformation among Hispanics. Over the years, my wife Dianne and I have served as missionaries on three continents. We train Hispanic leaders throughout the region in the wonderful doctrines of grace. Our writings are in a style that others can use within their own context.

 Roger and Dianne Smalling

Roger and Dianne Smalling

I invite you to dialogue with me with your questions about Bible, reformed theology, and the gospel of grace. Click here to contact me with your question.

An overview of the ministry of the Smallings

The Smallings have worked in missions for over 40 years on three continents; Europe, Latin America and North America. For twelve years Roger was the regional director for Latin America of an evangelical mission board.

Their ministry has included church planting and developing church leaders. Roger is a professor with Miami International Seminary (MINTS).

The Smallings have written 10 books available in three languages.