Think of it this way: Every 30 seconds, two non-Hispanics reach retirement age and one Latino turns 18. Like the baby boomers before us, the Latino baby boom will affect every aspect of American life over the next 50 years.
— Chiqui Cartagena, Hispanics are creating a new baby boom in the United States

Do you ever wonder what prompted such a massive influx of Hispanic peoples? United States immigration policies have been progressively loosened since 1965.  Since then, people from Hispanic countries have flooded into our land of opportunity to pursue the American dream.  As a result, Hispanics are now the largest minority in the United States.  

Experts predict the Hispanic population growth at about 200% over the coming years, while non-Hispanic whites are projected to grow at about 6% during the same time period. In addition, while the average age of the United States population is about 35 years of age, Hispanics are much younger with an average age around 27. This is an unprecedented opportunity, orchestrated by the Lord of the Harvest, to continue our PCA commitment to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.