Regarding money, the church’s members should engage in radical economic sharing with one another—so ‘there are no needy among them’ (Acts 4:34). Such sharing also promotes a radically generous commitment of time, money, relationships, and living space to social justice and the needs of the poor, the oppressed, the immigrant, and the economically and physically weak.
— Dan Olsen, Nine marks of a generous giver

Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated in the United Sates from September 15 to October 15. Churches in the PCA collect a love offering during that very special month for Hispanic peoples in the United States. The Hispanic Heritage love offering is a tangible demonstration of the mutual love and unity that exists among churches in the PCA. The proceeds from the Hispanic Heritage Love offering are dedicated to identifying, recruiting and placing qualified candidates in suitable Barnabas initiative for Hispanic Leadership Development opportunities. Bt God’s grace the Love offering in 2015 was $3,600. Our goal for 2016 is to collect $5,000.

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