“Some rivers run so deep, they seem quiet. Shallow ones roar as they bounce over boulders. It’s easy to dam up the shallow ones. Deep ones plow down everything in their path, with profound impact on the countryside. God is looking for people who, like some rivers, want to run deep. He needs reformers, men and women committed to bringing revival and reformation to their world. This requires ordinary individuals doing the extraordinary with a burning passion for a cultural transformation that brings freedom to Hispanics for the glory to God.”
— Dr. Roger Smalling

Acquire Free Ten Questions to Ask if You Sense a Call to be a Pastor

How can I know I am called to be a Pastor?

A call to ministry comes through a personal walk with Christ over time, through faithful application of the ordinary means of grace: The Word, prayer and ministries of the church.

 A man faithful in his daily devotional life will learn to heed the internal voice of the Holy Spirit in conjunction with Scripture if he is called and will have little doubt about it. The leadership of his local church will discern his giftedness and confirm that call. A call to ministry is no different from other personal leadings through the ordinary means of grace.

 In the New Testament, a call is both internal and external; a blend of the subjective and objective.

 The internal is the testimony of the Holy Spirit combined with the word of God. The external is the recognition of it by the local church leadership. These two point toward training and ordination.

  If a man asks how he can know he is called to be a pastor, the answer will probably be found in the quality of his devotional life.

 If you suspect you might have a call to the pastorate, we would like to talk with you.

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