The local church is God’s chosen instrument to reach the world. Growing biblical, healthy, and multiplying PCA Hispanic churches is as important as it is challenging. Life for a Hispanic in America is complicated. The tension created from living between the two worlds of being Hispanic and American generates great uncertainty. Many Americans view Hispanics as a homogeneous group, when, in fact, Hispanics are actually not a single race but a mixture of many races and ethnicities and different levels of assimilation into U.S. culture. The intricate nature of Hispanic ministry calls for different approaches to promote church vitality.

MNA Hispanic American Ministries is committed to equipping churches for thriving ministry by:

  1. Equipping leaders
  2. Providing Gospel centered mentoring and coaching
  3. Facilitating ministry collaboration

Our hope is to see the local churches involved in ministering among Hispanic Americans in the PCA resourced and connected for greater effectiveness.


A healthy church is led well. The single most important factor affecting the fruitfulness of a local congregation is the spiritual health and vitality of its pastor. Hispanic pastors rarely feel understood and seldom have anyone with whom they can openly talk about the challenges of ministry. Through personal gatherings and Gospel centered mentoring and coaching, we seek to offer a safe place to discuss personal and ministerial issues, and promote the spiritual and physical wellbeing of the pastor.

A healthy pastor is not a lone ranger. Hispanic pastors often lack the encouragement, support and benefits of personal networks.  Forming a strong support network to encourage, train, resource, and mobilize Hispanic pastors will help meet this important need. Retreats and conferences will serve to promote this vital camaraderie and be instrumental for the overall effectiveness of the church.