We look for different kinds of people, from different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, with differing gifts and talents, to come into the church and rise to leadership, so we become more of that living tree Jesus spoke about, which grows to be the tallest tree in the garden, with branches jutting out everywhere, so that all the birds of the air can come perch in its shade and find rest. (Ezekiel 17:22-23; Matthew 13:31-32)
— MNA the vision for the church

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The local church is God’s instrument to reach the world. Growing biblical, healthy, and multiplying PCA Hispanic churches is as important as it is challenging.

Hispanics in North America struggle with tensions between two cultures. In addition, Hispanics here are actually a mixture of many races and cultures with different levels of assimilation. This requires a variety of approaches to church vitality.

MNA Hispanic American Ministries addresses this challenge by:

    • forming a network of Hispanic churches.

    • mentoring and coaching pastors.

    • providing effective literature resources in Spanish.

We view a healthy Hispanic church as having these components:

A healthy church has a biblical government

We endorse reformed church government not only because it is scriptural but because it incorporates godly principles.

Biblical government is representative but not democratic; authoritative but not authoritarian. This is a new and challenging adjustment for some of our trainees from countries with a dictatorial concept of leadership.

A healthy church is well led

The most important factor in a healthy congregation is a spiritually healthy pastor. Hispanic pastors, with their unique challenges, often feel misunderstood and alone.

We strive to meet these needs by promoting a network of vital camaraderie through retreats and seminars in which pastors share their mutual concerns with colleagues.

Resources for Equipping Churches

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