“The Bible is an epic story and your life is part of it. Everything that happens moves the plot forward. We hope and pray you will join us in the quest to reach Hispanics in the USA with the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
— Hernando Saenz

Our growth

By God’s grace, in the last seven years we have doubled the number of Hispanic pastors and tripled the number of Hispanic candidates preparing for ministry in the PCA.

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Gearing up for expansion

The Latino population will triple within the next generation. Believing that the good hand of our Lord is upon us, we are gearing up for a significant ministry expansion.

Our plan

Identify godly Hispanic men with leadership potential and prepare them for vibrant ministry within the PCA. By cooperating with local churches and presbyteries, we will commission Hispanic Leadership Developers in cities with large and growing Hispanic populations. Our Leadership Developers will build relationships with Latinos to ignite them with the reformed gospel of grace as represented by the PCA. In addition, our Leadership Developers will serve as advocates in the presbytery for those candidates who sense God is leading them to join the PCA.

Our objective

Place Hispanic Leadership Developers in five of the US cities with the largest Hispanic population by the year 2020. Our expectation is that in five years this expansion will result in at least 50 new candidates enrolled in seminary and under the care of Presbytery.

Let’s launch the plan

Such a major expansion will require an additional $5,000 per month. This will allow us to pay each of the five Hispanic Leadership Developers a small stipend and give them the resources to open LAMP learning centers, host seminars, attend conferences, advertise, travel, and offer financial aid to needy candidates. We are praying for thirty churches or individuals to partner with us.

Begin today

With the prayers and financial commitments of our new partners, this critical vision will flourish.

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